Lust is not only skin deep

In the depths of darkness, where shadows play,
I dwell in the realm where souls find their stay.
A lonely ruler, in realms of gloom and dread,
But your presence, Persephone, lights up the dead.

When spring blossoms bloom in the mortal realm,
You emerge, bringing life like a sacred helm.
A vision of beauty, as vibrant as the sun,
With the grace of a goddess, your reign has begun.

Yet, my love, in these long winter months so cold,
When the world turns barren, and stories unfold,
Your voice keeps me sane, in this desolate abyss, A melody of solace, a symphony of bliss.

As the frost lingers on, painting landscapes pale, Your words, like whispers, through the winds prevail.
They wrap around my heart, like a gentle flame, Igniting hope in me, and breaking winter's claim.

I yearn for the day when you return to my side, To bring warmth and colour, as my eternal bride. Together, we'll forge a realm of love and light, Chasing away the darkness, with all our might.

Oh, Persephone, my queen, in your radiant grace,
You bring life to this realm, with your heavenly embrace.
So, let our love endure, through the cycles of time,
In this eternal dance, forever intertwined.

Your voice keeps me sane in the long winter months
Guiding my soul through the shadows' haunting hunts. With you by my side,
the underworld is not bleak,
For love's eternal flame is what we shall seek.

Do not forget and Never forgive

About Kabilach

Saints, sinners, and lost souls are all part of the human experience. Throughout history, people have been judged and categorized based on their actions and beliefs. Saints are revered for their dedication to a higher power and their ability to live a virtuous life. Sinners are often condemned for their transgressions and perceived moral failings. Lost souls, on the other hand, are those who feel adrift and disconnected from their purpose or community. They may struggle to find direction and meaning in their lives, but they are not necessarily bad or immoral. Ultimately, the lines between these categories are blurred, and every person has the potential to be a bit of each. It is up to us to recognize and embrace our own complexity and that of others.


Lust is never only skin deep